3 Sept 2021

Supernatural Predators

Jonathan Maberry and David F. Kramer. They Bite: Endless Cravings of Supernatural Predators. Citadel Press
(31 August 2021)
A chilling, comprehensive, and fanatical survey of monsters and supernatural creatures from folklore and myth through horror movies by Bram Stoker Award winners and New York Times bestselling authors Jonathan Maberry and David F. Kramer From the shadowy worlds of myth and legend, from the pages of bestsellers and the silver screen, they're searching for you. And they're hungry. Wary mortals have always lived in fear of monsters that feast on human flesh and blood. Every culture and country has its demons--and since earliest times we've tried to capture these supernatural predators through the power of storytelling. Join Bram Stoker Award winners Maberry and Kramer on a chilling journey into the nature of the beast. This compendium of creepy creatures tracks the monsters of our imagination from the whispered fireside tales of old to the books, comics, and films that keep us shivering with delight and fascination.

Biting commentaries by modern masters of the macabre--John Carpenter, Peter Straub, Jack Ketchum, Holly Black, Kevin J. Anderson, Ray Garton, Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Golden, Kelley Armstrong, Simon Clark, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and dozens of others--help make this the ultimate guidebook to our darkest fears.