28 Aug 2021

Deadly Diets

Kevin J. Wetmore Jr. Eaters of the Dead: Myths and Realities of Cannibal Monsters Reaktion Books
(16 August 2021)
Every culture has monsters that eat us, and every culture repels in horror when we eat ourselves. From Grendel to Sawney Bean, and from the Ghuls of ancient Persia to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, our fear of being consumed is both universal and terrifying. Kevin Wetmore explores monsters that eat the dead: ghouls, cannibals, and other beings that feast on human flesh. Moving from myth through history to contemporary popular culture, considering ancient Greek myths of feeding humans to the gods, through sky burial in Tibet and Zoroastrianism, and actual cases of cannibalism in modern societies, this book examines those that consume corpses and what they tell us about ourselves and our fears.