9 May 2021

3, 2, 1, Contact!

Alan Steinfeld (Editor) Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence. St. Martin's Essentials (4 May 2021)
Alien contact is coming, and it is coming very soon. How can you prepare for an event that is quite literally beyond anything humanity has ever experienced? Featuring leading voices from the UFO community, Making Contact is the ultimate guide to preparing for the paradigm-shifting arrival of extra-terrestrial life. The public arrival of extra-terrestrials will change the world as we know it - from how we conceive of ourselves as humans and our role in the galaxy to the way we structure our nations and treat our planet. 

From the governments attitude towards potential UFO contact to pondering the larger cultural and personal implications of an alien presence, Making Contact considers every facet of the coming shift. Alan Steinfeld has gathered vital information from todays leading thinkers in the alien community, including Linda Moulton How, Drs. J J and Desiree Hurtak, and a never-before-published article from legendary Harvard Medical school professor John Mack. Making Contact is the essential handbook to prepare yourself and those you love for this thrilling new chapter of history.