30 Apr 2021

On the Trail of Bigfoot

Mike Dupler. On the Trail of Bigfoot: Tracking the Enigmatic Giants of the Forest. New Page Books
(25 April 2021)
On the Trail of Bigfoot is a firsthand account from paranormal researcher and skilled outdoorsman Mike Dupler on his many years of investigations into the Bigfoot phenomena. It features his own encounters with these enigmatic creatures, complete with photographs. This plainspoken guide explores a variety of fascinating aspects of the Bigfoot mystery: Whether Bigfoot are interdimensional beings or biological--or both the similarities and disparities between the Sasquatch phenomena and other paranormal manifestations (fairies, wild men, Mothman, and the strange events at the notorious Skinwalker Ranch) and Bigfoot's origins and their place on the primate evolutionary tree.

On the Trail of Bigfoot also offers compelling theories as to the origins and arrival of Bigfoot in North America. Unique to this book is a detailed examination of stick structures attributed to Sasquatch, providing a wealth of information and reasoned speculation on the nature of these enigmatic calling cards that serve as haunting reminders of Bigfoot's presence. Other evidence examined provides insight into possible communication techniques, such as tree knocks and perhaps even