7 Aug 2019

Wartime Weirdness

Michael Fitzgerald. Unsolved Mysteries of World War II: From the Nazi Ghost Train and 'Tokyo Rose' to the Day Los Angeles Was Attacked by Phantom Fighters. Arcturus Publishing (1 Aug. 2019)
During World War II, the world was in a state of upheaval and many mysterious events took place. This brilliant book fills you in on what these were. Topics include the Battle of Los Angeles (when US aircrews sighted a formation of Japanese aircraft flying to attack LA in 1942); the mysterious death of bandleader Glenn Miller; The Man Who Never Was - a corpse dressed in military uniform, and fitted out with fake documents purporting to show Allied plans for the invasion of Greece and Sardinia, was deliberately allowed to fall into Nazi hands; Lost Treasures of the Nazis, including the Nazi 'blood flag' and Hitler's Globe; The German Expedition to Antarctica of 1938; The Riddle of Rudolf Hess and many many more...