16 Apr 2018

The Price of Everything ...

S D Tucker. False Economies: The Strangest, Least Successful and Most Audacious Financial Follies, Plans and Crazes of All Time. Amberley Publishing (15 April 2018)
When it comes to matters of the economy, have you had enough of ‘experts’ and their foolish, untrue predictions? If so, then you might like to read about the financial ideas of the following lunatics instead. They may be equally as incorrect as those of the money-men, but at least they might boost your own interest-rate in the topic. Economics is often dismissed as ‘the dismal science’, as its predictions frequently amount to little more than guesswork. However, you don’t need to know your Karl Marx from your Adam Smith to be able to tell that the following proposals are as dodgy as a twelve-pound note.

From the idea of ‘vegetable-money’ which rotted away, month by month, in order to discourage the hoarding of coins and capital, to the optimistic notion that it might be possible to destroy the North Korean economy with chocolate, from a madman’s quest to abolish all donations to charity, to the US Presidential candidate who accepted tax-advice from outer-space, this book tells the story of some of the loopiest monetary ideas of all time. How easy is it to destroy a country’s economy? Is a world without money really possible? Can you claim back your previous life-savings following reincarnation into another body? What would happen if you started paying people in random objects instead of cash? Do pyramid-schemes really work? What are the hidden relations between gravity and share-values? Buy this book or pay the high price of not finding out!