9 Feb 2018

Hit the Road

Peter A. McCue. Paranormal Encounters on Britain's Roads: Phantom Figures, UFOs and Missing Time. The History Press (1 Feb. 2018)
In this detailed book, Peter McCue reflects on the enormous range of paranormal phenomena to have been reported along Britain’s roads, and examines the theory that certain areas seem to be hot spots for such occurrences, such as the A75 and B721 roads in southern Scotland, and the Blue Bell Hill area of Kent. He delves into sightings of apparitional vehicles; encounters with ‘colliding apparitions’; ‘phantom hitchhikers’; out-of-place big cats; phantom black dogs; UFOs; ‘missing time’ (strange memory gaps); vehicle interference (e.g. mysterious breakdowns); and incidents in which drivers and passengers seem to have been translocated in space or time. This thorough book debates the evidence and theories in a critical but open-minded way, and is a welcome addition to the genre.