22 Jan 2021

Daemons are Forever

David Gordon White. Daemons Are Forever, Contacts and Exchanges in the European Pandemonium. University of Chicago Press
. (February 2021)

21 Jan 2021

Secrets of the Druids

Teresa Cross. Secrets of the Druids: From Indo-European Origins to Modern Practices. Inner Traditions; 2nd Edition, Revised Edition of The Sacred Cauldron.
(7 January 2020)

20 Jan 2021

Legends on the Ground

Daragh Smyth. Earthing the Myths; The Myths, Legends and Early History of Ireland and Western Scotland. Irish Academic Press
(4 January 2021)

15 Jan 2021

The Pillars of Enoch

Tobias Churton. The Lost Pillars of Enoch: When Science and Religion Were One. Inner Traditions
(5 January 2021)

11 Jan 2021

Common and Garden

A.C. Fisher Aldag. Common Magick: Origins and Practices of British Folk Magick. Llewellyn.
(1 January 2020)

8 Jan 2021

Graphic Lives

Hunt Emerson and Kevin Jackson. Lives of the Great Occultists. Knockabout Books.
(January 26, 2021)

7 Jan 2021

Ancient Werewolves

Daniel Ogden. The Werewolf in the Ancient World.  OUP Oxford (7 Jan. 2021)

4 Jan 2021

Locked in Love

Ceri Houlbrook. Unlocking the Love Lock, The History and Heritage of a Contemporary Custom. Berghahn Books.
(1 Jan. 2021)

3 Jan 2021

The Terror that Comes by Night

Catharina Raudvere. Narratives and Rituals of the Nightmare Hag in Scandinavian Folk Belief (Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic) Palgrave Macmillan.
(13 Dec. 2020)

1 Jan 2021

Marvellous Myths

Michael D. Nichols. Religion and Myth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. McFarland.
(30 Dec. 2020)

31 Dec 2020

Printing Terror

Michael Goodrum and Philip Smith. Printing Terror: American Horror Comics as Cold War Commentary and Critique. Manchester University Press
(14 Dec. 2020)

27 Dec 2020

Popular Postmodern Paranormalism

Darryl Caterine and John W. Morehead. The Paranormal and Popular Culture: A Postmodern Religious Landscape. Routledge.
(18 Dec. 2020)

20 Dec 2020

Basque Magic

Emma Wilby. Invoking the Akelarre: Voices of the Accused in the Basque Witch-craze, 1609-1614. Sussex Academic Press
(1 December 2020)

17 Dec 2020

Nuances of Netlore

Andrew Peck and Trevor J. Blank (editors) Folklore and Social Media. University Press of Colorado.
(January 2021)

14 Dec 2020

Ten Conspiracies

Brad Meltzer. The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: Decoding History's Unsolved Mysteries. Workman Publishing (1 December 2020)

10 Dec 2020


Guy Ogilvy. Great Wizards of the Renaissance: The Roots of the Modern Occult Traditions. Llewellyn Publications
(8 Dec. 2020)

3 Dec 2020

On the Cards

Donald Tyson (editor) Essential Tarot Writings: A Collection of Source Texts in Western Occultism. Llewellyn Publications (1 December 2020)

30 Nov 2020

Supernatural Scotland

Julian Goodare, Martha McGill (Editors). The Supernatural in Early Modern Scotland. Manchester University Press
(1 Dec. 2020)

27 Nov 2020

Beyond the Seance

Jack Hunter. Manifesting Spirits: An Anthropological Study of Mediumship and the Paranormal. Aeon Press
. (28 November 2020)

25 Nov 2020

Tracking Down Robin Hood

David Crook. Robin Hood: Legend and Reality. Boydell and Brewer
(20 Nov. 2020)

19 Nov 2020

Witchcraft Documented

Valerie A. Kivelson and Christine D. Worobec (Editors). Witchcraft in Russia and Ukraine, 1000–1900: A Sourcebook. Northern Illinois University Press. (15 Nov. 2020)🔻

16 Nov 2020

Deep Down

Jean-Pierre Bayard. Esoteric Mysteries of the Underworld: The Power and Meaning of Subterranean Sacred Spaces. Inner Traditions
(12 Nov. 2020)

12 Nov 2020

Demon Haunted

Monica Black. A Demon-Haunted Land: Witches, Wonder Doctors, and the Ghosts of the Past in Post-WWII Germany. Metropolitan Books. (17 November 2020)

10 Nov 2020

Finn and the Fianna

Daniel Allison. Finn and The Fianna. The History Press.
(1 December 2020)

5 Nov 2020

Object Lessons

Allegra Iafrate. The Long Life of Magical Objects: A Study in the Solomonic Tradition (Magic in History) Pennsylvania State University Press.
(1 November 2020)