13 Jul 2019

Temple of the Grail

John Matthews, Gareth Knight. Temple of the Grail: The Search for the World's Greatest Relic. Llewellyn Publications (8 Jun. 2019)

Two of the foremost Grail scholars of our time offer a new translation (the first into English) of two forgotten Grail texts: the 13th-century Sone de Nansay and The Later Titurel of Scharfenburg. These texts offer tantalising clues into the modern understanding of the Grail quest, as they shed important new light on the mysteries of the Grail temple itself, its relationship to the sacred understanding of architecture and symbol in the middle ages, and its re-discovery in the heart of the Middle East. In addition, Temple of the Grail explores the lineage of the mystical Swan Knights, said to be descended from Sone himself. This book is a must-have for Grail aficionados.