2 Jul 2019

Delicately Decadent

Gretchen Schultz and Lewis Seifert (Eds.) Fairy Tales for the Disillusioned: Enchanted Stories from the French Decadent Tradition. Princeton. (June 2019)

Fairy Tales for the Disillusioned collects thirty-six tales, most newly translated, by writers associated with the decadent literary movement that flourished in late nineteenth-century France. Recasting well-known favourites from classic French fairy tales, as well as Arthurian legends and English and German tales, these decadent fairy tales feature perverse settings and disillusioned perspectives, underlining such themes as the decline of civilisation, the degeneration of magic and the unreal, gender confusion, and the incursion of the industrial. These subversive tales will entertain and startle even the most disenchanted readers.