8 Feb 2019

Border Patrol

Louis Proud. Borderland Phenomena Volume One: Spontaneous Combustion, Poltergeistry and Anomalous Lights. August Night Books (25 Jan. 2019)
Society’s concept of the natural world has little or no room for such phenomena as spontaneous human combustion, poltergeistry and anomalous lights. Rather, these weird and baffling occurrences are either ignored altogether or unfairly and inaccurately labelled “supernatural” and hence assumed to exist “beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.”

In "Borderland Phenomena: Volume One", Proud adopts a richer, broader concept of the natural world, one that views paranormal phenomena not as foreign or magical but as occupying a position on the margins of this reality, in what he refers to as the “borderland.” In a balanced and objective investigation that spans many topics, including ball lightning, earth lights, strange rains, mysterious fires, and jinn, he manages to lay bare a refreshing and innovative approach to looking at the paranormal and so too the natural world.