25 Nov 2018

A Biography of Bigfoot

Daniel S Green. Far-Out, Shaggy, Funky Monsters: A What-It-Is History of Bigfoot in the 1970s. Coachwhip Publications (November 1, 2018)

The rise of Sasquatch within the North American cultural landscape was neither recent nor simple. The mythical monster immediately captured the attention of the American public as newspapers explored the stories permeating the Pacific Northwest, instigating the folkloric advent of the Bigfoot Hunter as adventurous seeker of proof of the creature's existence in a vast wilderness. The simple narrative shattered as the 1970s arrived, and Bigfoot-like creatures began to be reported throughout the country. Discussion and debate emerged surrounding the evidence required (would a body be necessary?), the quality and validity of sighting accounts, and most importantly, what kind of phenomena were researchers investigating?

Was Bigfoot an offshoot of humanity, a relict ape from the past, an extraterrestrial visitor, an otherworldly entity, or just the imaginary confluence of excitement and wishful thinking? The 1970s became the Golden Age of Bigfoot Research, as organisations rose and fell, personalities clashed, and amateurs and professionals alike gathered to share their work towards a common goal. The public lapped it up, as Sasquatch became permanently entrenched in popular media: movies, television, and print.

Author Dan Green has meticulously traced the diverging paths that weave and cross throughout the 1970s, in a way that will fascinate and enthral today's Bigfoot enthusiast. What we see in cryptozoology today was laid down decades ago on a cultural platform that molded everything that followed.