18 Jun 2018

Cornish Folk

Ronald M James. The Folklore of Cornwall: The Oral Tradition of a Celtic Nation. University of Exeter Press (15 Jun. 2018)
European folklore studies have long neglected Cornwall's historic legends. Yet Cornwall is the land of King Arthur, Jack the Giant Killer, and the tragic lovers Tristan and Iseult, and its folktales are rife with mermaids, elves, and ghosts, not to mention tommyknockers, piskies, and spriggans.

The Folklore of Cornwall fills this gap, investigating the figures, tales, and beliefs of the region, and placing them in comparison with the folklore of Europe at large. Through analysis of myriad Cornish tales, historian Ronald M. James demonstrates the unique features exhibited by Cornish folklore, and shows the remarkable means by which these idiosyncrasies developed. Inviting readers to explore the culture and history of the peninsula beyond the Tamar River, this volume opens up premodern Cornish society to a wide audience.